A high speed boat abruptly landed on the eastern coastal of Dry Turtle, an small island  70 miles from Cayo Hueso in South  Florida and nine rafters jumped into the low waters and wade away to reach the beach on Tuesday February the 17, 2008 at 11,35 A.M. Then the ship swung clear back to Cuba and followed by a vortex of foam and conchs got lost in the horizon disappearing as mysteriously as it had arrived.

A guard coasts arrived twenty minutes later, full of heavily armed police officers who surrounded the rafters, forced them to gather inside the ship, and  took them incommunicado to Krome, the halting center for immigrants in  Miami Dade County,  to interrogate and  clear their legal situation,. Meanwhile, across the other side of the Strait of Florida in Havana, Raul Castro in an historical speech heralded himself as the new only Governor of…

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