A high speed boat abruptly landed on the eastern coastal of Dry Turtle, an small island  70 miles from Cayo Hueso in South  Florida and nine rafters jumped into the low waters and wade away to reach the beach on Tuesday February the 17, 2008 at 11,35 A.M. Then the ship swung clear back to Cuba and followed by a vortex of foam and conchs got lost in the horizon disappearing as mysteriously as it had arrived.

A guard coasts arrived twenty minutes later, full of heavily armed police officers who surrounded the rafters, forced them to gather inside the ship, and  took them incommunicado to Krome, the halting center for immigrants in  Miami Dade County,  to interrogate and  clear their legal situation,. Meanwhile, across the other side of the Strait of Florida in Havana, Raul Castro in an historical speech heralded himself as the new only Governor of Cuba, chief of all armed forces, prime minister, secretary of the communist party,  making clear, once and for all,  that he was the only ruler.

He publicly thanked his brother for all these years of valuable services, requignazed him as the real designer of the revolution and in a very diplomatic way said Fidel, as a retiree, would continued to be the top adviser of the country.

(What nobody could anticipate then, was what  would be the relationship among the two events: the political transition in the island and the arrival of those rafters to USA).

One of the refugees in Krome, during the later interrogation, assured to be the psychiatry of Fidel Castro and requested immediate political asylum because his life was at risk, even being in the United States.


The various government intelligence agencies, were shaken up by this unexpected discovery and different teams of investigators and researchers were urgently sent from Washington to Miami, to interrogate the prisoner   and during endless hours and weeks put them under heavy pressure, exhausting his patience, asking and forcing him to repeat one and again the fabulous history, just to confirm that Fidel was alive and out of his mind.

The American intelligence agencies in USA as well as the counter espionage groups infiltrated in Cuba, confirmed the initial version of the prisoner, and the conclusion was unquestionable: The Chinese certainly was Ly—Tol —Lay—R a doctor who attended an specialization in psychiatry during the 80`s at the Patricio Lumumba University in Moscow, where he meet a Cuban nurse, and after a few years got married. The couple by the end of the decade decided to travel to Cuba were they lived until the day of the mysterious run away. While the FBI and CIA were very concern about the details of Fidel’s disease, what happened during the surgery, and the unexplainable recovery, Condoleezza Rice was more interested to make and appointment with Dr. Li to research the psychological reasons that motivated the commander to hate that way America, since these knowledge would anticipate her to know in advance the next moves of the intricate international political chess game Fidel have played.

The news media atmosphere about Cuban was very confusing and nobody knew what was going on in the island. In Miami people were convinced that Fidel passed away, there were no recent photos or movies showing him, and the Cuban authorities insisted the Commander was in good shape. To worse the situation even more and Spanish surgeon in Madrid said that the main disease of Castro was an intestinal cancer. The American authorities, after several days of halting and intense interrogations, freed the Chinese granting him the political asylum under the condition to cooperate as much as possible with the intelligence services…

The Men quickly adapted to the city and settle himself in Hialeah, a Cuban neighborhood, where   made new friends and began a new life.

According to the confession of the psychiatrist to the intelligence services, as soon as Fidel suffered the first stomachache, caused all type of interferences because he wanted to be involved in everything happening in the island.

He generated logistic, medical and political conflicts that interfered with the appropriate diagnosis of the disease and the later operating process, to the point that Commander almost passed away during the event. For the Chinese, there was no doubt that Fidel was the only responsible for all the wrongdoing and failures that took place inside the operating surgery room.

First of all, it was extremely difficult to set up an adequate medical team because the best gastroenterologist and surgeons had been sent to Venezuela for the Monte Adentro program[1]

So Raul should had to create an emergency medical team with the best students of medicine and .wrote a personal note to the director of the faculty. As the memorandum demanded “the best students for a secret job” without mentionnig the true objective, then the deacon organized a group with the most active members of the communist party.

Then, this group was sent to Punto Zero, where they discovered that Fidel had analized the X-rays, and already diagnosed himself an intestinal occlusion.

The group discussed during the following hours. the technical details of the situation but the Commander imposed his point that a local anesthesia surgical operation with would be ideal, because he did not wanted to go sleep and should be awaked to supervise all. As it were an operative military plan, he draw in a paper the sites where they would be allowed to make the incisions, to cut the skin, to clip the piece of blocked intestine, and the point of exit to install an outer temporary catheter and plastic pack to receive the fecal disposals.

“This it is a very simple problem of intestinal logistic” insisted the commander time and time again, interrupting the discussion of the frightened students. Finally, underneath of the notebook he wrote the number of stitches that should be used to close the wound. Another demand was to call a plastic surgeon, because he did not wanted a visible scar.

Fidel decided, the very same July the 26, 2006 at 5, 30 PM the site and hour of the operation for the following morning, and also ordered to install a gigantic mirror on top, in the ceiling of the operating room to supervise the passages of its own surgery and to follow up step by step the instructions and drawings written on the notebook.

The second problem, a motivational one, was the tremendous emotional stress on those poor students. As is well known, any surgical room should be completely sterilized and silent, but during the intervention Fidel bent all the rules and continued working, speaking on the phone, watching his portable computer, calling his secretaries, ordering the doctors what to do and from time to time watching the mirror and demanding explanations.

“That’s way every thing went wrong since the very beginning,” furiously exclaimed  Dr. Ly.

On top of everything to make the confusing situation even worse, when the doctors were in the midst of the procedure, a blackout took place, (which are very common an part of normal life in the island,) and the room was in complete darkness, reason why the same Fidel should had held a wax candle ignited during 45 eternal minutes, until the emergency electrical equipment brought the situation back to normal.

According to Li- Toll the operation was complicated and difficult, but the post-operative period was even much worse. During the following weeks Fidel woke up sweating and mourning at dawns, suffering from deep depression followed but states of euphoria and overflowed optimism. With all these behaviors and the background information the Dr. immediately diagnosed a post surgical maniac depressive crisis and decides to prescribe   lithium salts pills twice a day.

He decided then to record the monologues of Fidel during his sleep and patiently began to rebuild each one of the nightmares. The following step of treatment was to take him to psychoanalysis at his own office. He patiently read loud to the patient each one of the nightmares to discussed and to rationalize them,  and thus to convince him of the unreality of those dreams.

“Commander does not worry,” said the Dr. “there is no possible that those horrible dreams come true.”

“As far as I remember” fired back Fidel “all my dreams are premonitory. Every thing I have dreamed of in my life , sooner than later, become real.”

The psiquiatrist confused and disturbed, after eighteen months of useless treatment,  decided to call  Raul to confess the plain true: “Your brother is not in mental conditions to rule over the country”, and convinced him to make a political transition as soon as possible.

“It is for the sake of the revolution” he insisted.

Fidel, somehow, confused and isolated in a hospital, knew the details of this conversation and immediately ordered the imprisonment of the Doctor. At these point, Raul, stupefied and stunned realized for the first time that in Cuba existed two agencies of intelligence, two armed forces and two governments: Fidel’s and his own.

Raul decided, right away, to accelerate the transition of governments.  As the only possible solution to save the live of the Doctor, was to send him to Miami, he ordered his own team of secret spies to infiltrate a group of rafters ready to leave the island, and placed the siquiatrist among them that morning, the same tuesday of the famous speech.

Dr. Li, feed up with the continuous harassment of intelligence agencies left the country as mysteriously as he had appeared. Some journalists managed to discover that the doctor told some of his neighbors the histories of the nightmares, reason way they were not lost in the Kafka archives of immigration and today, they become a valuable political public document.


[1]Monte Adentro. A medical support program to help Venezuela.

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